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Over 100 years ago the founding principal, Mrs Marion Thompson, expressed her vision “with family life at its centre, Solway College would have the atmosphere of a home rather than an institution” and that Solway's holistic education would consist of “activities that rounded off the angularity of the classroom, and make for fullness of living”.  Our special character and our holistic education continues to be the catalyst for empowering each one of our students to thrive and lead with purpose, today, and in tomorrow's world.

Our holistic education aligns seamlessly with the Te Whare Tapa Whā framework for wellbeing in Māori Health. Solway College intentionally focuses on developing all four ‘physical, spiritual, intellectual and social’ dimensions, which prioritises our girls' wellbeing, leading to intellectually curious, self-motivated and enthusiastic young women with a strong sense of purpose in the world.

Learning programmes are designed to cater for each individual student.  At Solway College, every student counts.  By knowing each one of our girls individually, we effectively target their learning, ignite their passions, develop their unique strengths, expand their thinking, and build their inner confidence.  The school's 'Making Excellence Happen' programme motivates each student to strive for their personal best, leading to the schools' exceptional NCEA results and attainment of university scholarships.  Most importantly, 'Our Empowering Pathways' consisting of an extensive range of curriculum options, academies, sporting, cultural, service, and leadership opportunities, guides each student along their own personal pathway, towards their own aspirational outcome.

Our Empowering Pathways

"Maximising opportunities for each student to develop their inherent potential, utilise their gifts and talents, and to move confidently and purposefully into the next phase of their life."

Igniting passions, discovering inner talents, and developing purposeful pathways and a seamless transition into the senior school and beyond

Developing each student's unique strengths, expanding their thinking, and empowering students to thrive in their pathway beyond school

An extensive range of Arts, cultural, sport and academy pathways, to broaden our students' horizons, enabling each student to discover, develop, and utilize their unique gifts and talents

Individual learning plans, diverse and individualised pathways, academic support network, gifted & talented programmes, flexible timetables, learning modules, and partnering with trade academies and external providers, to maiximise student engagement and accelerate achievement for each and every student



- Developing Inner Talents -

- Pursuing Unique Strengths -



- Utilising Gifts & Talents -


- Every Student Counts -


- Aspirational Expectations-

Solway College is highly aspirational in our pursuit of 'Making Excellence Happen' at a premier level, across academic, sporting and performing arts achievements.

Our 'Making Excellence Happen' programme incorporates our empowering pathways framework, high expectations, recognition of ongoing effort and achievements, colours and scholar of the week awards, scholarship and gifted and talented programmes, learning support and academic mentoring.

As a result, Solway College students and teams achieve success at the national level.  In 2022 Solway College achieved a 100% NCEA pass rate across all levels. Our Equestrian team placed in the top 3 teams at the 2022 North Island Tournament, and our Athletic Junior Relay team finished 4th in the North Island 2023 Competition. There is been a continual success from all our teams over 2022 and into 2023.

Making Excellence Happen


Solway College's extensive sports programme and team and individual success on a regional and national level once again saw Solway College being named as the 'Wairarapa Sports College of the Year' in 2019.  Our Sports programme is overseen by our Director of Sport, Scott Collins, who has extensive qualifications and experience in Sport development programmes.  Solway College is well placed to provide active girls and young women with all the challenge they need.  Participation in sporting and physical education activities is compulsory for all students, with an emphasis on "personal best". All students are expected to participate to the best of their ability and to "give it a go".

School mini-vans driven by our hostel staff will transport hostel students to and from sporting fixtures held off-site. This enables boarders to make the most of the sports opportunities available to them.

Some of the areas in which Solway students currently participate include but are not limited to: Waka Ama, Archery, Surfing, Equestrian (see Equestrian Academy), Hockey, Netball, Football, Rugby, Touch, Tennis, Cricket, Skiing, Volleyball, Basketball, Lawn Bowls, Swimming and Athletics.


ARTS and cultural

A full range of cultural and performing arts opportunities cater for our many creative and talented students at Solway College.  We have a thriving kapa haka group, who are sought to provide tutoring to a number of primary schools across the Wairarapa, and full school haka pōhiri.  Some of the many music opportunities include choir, rock band, jazz band chamber music, specialist instrument lessons, and a full music curriculum across all levels.  Our Performing Arts curriculum encompasses both Dance and Drama across all curriculum levels, with a large number of students taking part annually in the school production, Intercollegiate Shakespeare, and a wide range of dance opportunities, including our own school Hip Hop crew called 'SoulC'.  We have a vibrant Art department, with the full range of Visual Arts genres of Painting, Photography, Design, Sculpture and Printmaking being taught to all levels.  All Solway College students engage in our annual House Drama, Form Concert, and House Singing competitions, which aim to develop creativity and contribute significantly to the development of our well-rounded girls, and our fun and enjoyable family atmosphere.

Arts & Cultural


The Thursday afternoon ‘Horizons programme’ empowers girls to find their inner talents, provides exposure to a wide range of potential interests, and provides opportunities for leadership and service.  A taste of some of the Horizons learning experiences include Kaitiakitanga bush restoration, motor mechanic foundations, services academy introduction, choir, Shakespeare, mural painting, and a new Hip Hop crew named SoulC.


The teaching of Christian and family values is an important part of the special character of Solway College.  Solway College is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church but is non-sectarian and inclusive in its enrollments.  All students take part in one lesson per week of Christian Education, a weekly Chapel service, and other religious observances such as our annual Christmas Liturgy.  Our school Chaplain, Mrs Jane Rees, is also available throughout the week for our girls' spiritual support and well-being.


Our Wellness Programme is based around the model of Te Whare Tapa Whā and is part of our holistic education.  Regular well-being sessions are held which focus on the proactive teaching of strategies such as resilience, seeking help, goal setting, connections, growth mindset, restorative conversations, caring for others, relaxation, taking ownership, online well-being, time management, problem solving, peer pressure, listening and communication, conflict resolution and GRIT perseverance.  We also have an onsite school guidance counsellor to provide well-being support for our girls.

Christian Education


- Targeted Learning Support -

At Solway College, we have a dedicated academic support network who work in partnership with students, families, and our wider staff to create Individual Learning Plans, Learning Pathways, Gifted & Talented Programmes, Flexible Timetables, and partnerships with external providers, to maximise student engagement and accelerate achievement for each and every student.

Contact any of our staff members to check on progress or request additional support for your daughter.


YEAR 7     GGO     Georgie Goulding

YEAR 8     JRI        James Riley

Year 9       ACH     Albert Chand 
Sue Franck

                 STH      Sue Thomson 
Year 10      SBA     Sally Baker 
Jordan Bennett 
Radhika Reddy 
Year 11     NJO     
Natasha Johnson 
Natalie Jones 
Year 12      PRO     
Pam Robinson 
Year 13      RCH     
Rozleen Chand


Academic Facilitator                       

Cari Matthews

Learning Support Coordinator       

Erena McCann

Special Education Needs (SENCO) 

Kiri Playle

Careers Guidance/ Gateway            Rozleen Chand

Gifted and Talented                        Albert Chand

Guidance Counsellor                       

Pam Coltham


Jane Rees

Every Student Counts
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