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Educational research shows that academically boarders have real advantages.  For many, this makes a significant difference to their learning progress. Boarding offers additional personal development opportunities.  There are set routines and girls can observe and appreciate, the necessary aspects of living away from home.  Boarding school offers a unique and secure environment in which girls can learn to meet these challenges.  Through boarding, students are offered the chance to develop additional organisational and leadership skills.  The contribution of all students is important and valued. 



Solway College is predominantly a boarding school.  There are very few day girl places available, therefore up to 130 of our students are boarders.  This means that being a boarding student at Solway College is the norm, and often the minority attending day girls desire boarding as well.  Boarding at Solway College offers opportunities for full participation in all school activities and making friendships for life.  Solway College has a friendly, inclusive family atmosphere, whereby students look after and support each other as they would in a family. Peer leadership and school sister relationships are also a focus.  Leadership is expected especially from senior girls who have responsibilities in both looking after younger students and in the smooth running of the hostel and school.  Boarding offers greater opportunities to be involved in school-based and other after school and weekend activities. For students who get fully involved boarding is great fun and very rewarding.  A family atmosphere and values are recognised as being crucial to living happily and successfully at school. Students are expected to care for and look after one another, further developing values such as concern for others, respect and personal integrity. The students themselves identify the strong friendships they establish as boarders as one of the best things about boarding.  From an academic perspective, boarding at Solway College offers an academic advantage.  All boarding students benefit from designated supervised prep/ homework time.  Along with establishing quality routines, this enables additional support from specialist teachers and specialist subject resources. 



Two - three night boarding option.  Select your boarding nights around your extra curricular activities, and make the most of the benefits that boarding has to offer, such as transport to and from your sporting and extra curricular activities, plus prep/ homework supervision and support.

Four night BOARDING

Most four night boarders stay at the boarding hostel Monday - Thursday nights.  This enables students to make the most of boarding school advantages whilst still returning home for the weekends.


Weekly boarders return to the hostel on a Sunday evening and depart on a Friday after school.  Again this enables students to make the most of boarding school advantages whilst still returning home for the weekends


Full boarders live on site at Solway College full time other than our once per term EXEAT weekend and school holidays.  Full boarding takes full advantage of the boarding school benefits.  Full boarders also take part in a number of day trips throughout the Wellington region each term.

Boarding Options
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