Sports Results

Results from wairarapa Secondary School Athletics Champs - 7 winners and a spread among age group events;

Meagan Hayes          Open 3000m

Mairead Shannon       Senior Girls Javelin

Kiani Parkes             Senior Girls Shotput

Noemi Leinfellner      Intermediate Girls High Jump

Eilish Skeet              Junior Girls Javelin

Ariah Forbes             Junior Girls High Jump

Ella Shannon             Junior Girls 1500m


4 second placings;

Danielle Hao-Aickin    Senior Girls 1500m

Meagan Hayes           Intermediate Girls 1500m

Eilish Skeet               Junior Girls 1500m

Ella Shannon             Junior Girls Shotput


6 third placings;

Danielle Hao-Aickin    Senior Girls High Jump

Noemi Lenfellner        Intermediate Girls 200m and 800m

Amy Rossiter-Stead    Intermediate Girls Javelin

Aaliyah Allen             Junior Girls Javelin

Intermediate Girls      4x100m Relay


Well done girls!