Cultural activities at Solway College are an essential ingredient for creating balanced young women. Our programmes are aimed to develop creativity and contribute significantly to the girls’ development into well-rounded individuals, who can contribute to the cultural life of any community, of which they may be a part. Sporting Houses provide an enjoyable and interactive environment for students to perform and compete in many disciplines such as music, drama and debating.

Many school functions are supported by musicians, speakers, dancers and actors, who can showcase their work on centre stage. These are great opportunities for parents and the wider School Community to see what their daughters have achieved and for the performers to test themselves, in front of a larger audience.

Cultural activities include:

  • House drama
  • House singing
  • House debating
  • Intercoll Shakespeare
  • Intercoll music competition
  • Speech competitions
  • Theatre sports
  • Talent quest
  • Rock bands
  • Big sing
  • Choir
  • Ensemble
  • Business challenge
  • Dancing
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Photography
  • Magaine
  • Wairarapa Fashion Extravaganza
  • Wearable arts