Boarding Options

At Solway College, we extend a range of boarding options to suit the needs of both girls and their families.

Full Board

Full Boarding

Girls spend the full week at school, going home for holidays and exeat weekends.

Weekly Board

Weekly Boarding

Girls stay five nights at Solway, and go home for the weekend. They return each week on Sunday evening, ready to start the week.
Girls are required to meet their sports and other school obligations.

Four Day Board

Four Day Boarding

Girls spend four nights per week boarding.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are spent at home.
Families who elect this option must ensure their daughters meet their sporting and other school obligations during weekends.

Negotiated Board

Negotiated Boarding Options

At the discretion of the principal, and boarding space permitting, other options may be available to suit particular family and child needs.

Day Girl Attendance

Day Girl Attendance

As a boarding college, Solway has a strictly limited number of day girl places available. Day girls have all of the opportunities and obligations that Boarders have. They are required to participate fully in the life of the school, including after-school activities and weekend events.

Currently there is a very lengthy waiting list for these day girl places. Many of our local families find negotiated boarding very convenient whilst they are on the day girl waiting list. It is advisable to consider this option.


Is Boarding at Solway Affordable?

Comparative costings indicate that boarding at Solway College is an affordable option. Our fee structure is extremely competitive compared with other integrated and private girls' boarding schools in New Zealand.

Click here to visit our fees page and see just how affordable boarding at Solway College can be.