At Solway College we strive to recognise achievement - both at the personal level and at school level.

The New Zealand Curriculum is taught along with a broad, balanced educational programme. Solway’s teachers are a highly qualified and dedicated team who go above and beyond the call of duty to help support their students. They have high expectations of students and are committed to maintaining the philosophy and standards of the school. The teaching programmes presented are of the highest quality and the use of information technology is an integral part of classroom learning. The small class sizes and positive, caring atmosphere of the school enable teachers to nurture and foster progress and achievement for each individual student. Solway caters for individual learners by using extensive testing programmes to help identify strengths and learning needs and to set goals for each student.

This ensures individual needs are catered for and enables Solway to bring out the best in each student. Individual progress is reviewed and updated as goals are achieved.

A wide variety of courses is available at Solway both in conventional subjects and through the Virtual Learning Network which gives our students access to courses and programmes from other organisations and schools.