What our International Students Say

varvarasidorenko.jpg"My first impressions of Solway College were that it was friendly and family-like with high expectations and very patient staff. The staff are very supportive and I get all the help I need. They, plus the matrons in the boarding hostel, are great at sorting out any problems. The students are all the kindest people I know!"

Varvara (Russia)

tamayosato.jpg"Solway College is very big and very green! My English has improved a lot with the help of excellent ESL classes, my normal classes and conversations with students and teachers. .I love having my own room in the hostel. Matrons, teachers and friends help me out when I have any problems."

Tamayo (Japan)

daniellehaoaicken.jpg"Solway College is a cozy school where everyone knows one another. The students work hard; people are friendly; it is clean and beautiful .Anyone and everyone helps me sort out any problems I have."

Danielle (Chinese)

rachelahn.jpg"The teachers here are more supportive than at my old school and they are strict but not too strict. The matrons are very supportive and friends are right near by when you need them. Coming to Solway College has been a very valuable experience for me."

Rachel (Sydney)