School Uniform

Our school uniform is part of our Special Character and identifies our students as proud to be part of Solway College.

Girls are required to wear our uniform correctly and to be clean and tidy. We expect parent support to ensure that uniform standards are maintained.

Summer Uniform:

  • Two or three dresses in regulation style
  • One regulation blazer
  • One v-necked regulation green pullover
  • White ankle socks (optional) 

Winter Uniform:

  • Kilt in Fergusson tartan
  • Blazer - Note: The blazer is to be worn with dress uniform and when students are in uniform out of school and at Friday assembly
  • Striped Solway College tie
  • Two or three long sleeved white blouses
  • Columbine pantyhose: black cotton tights of the approved type only.

Optional winter:

  • One plain Solway green woollen scarf (outside only) 
  • Two plain Solway green woollen gloves (outside only)

 Dress Uniform

  • Fergusson tartan kilt (as per winter uniform)
  • Blazer
  • One white regulation short sleeved blouse for summer
  • One long sleeved white blouse with regulation green tie for winter
  • Pantyhose: Columbine - spice
    Note: dress uniform is for formal occasions: Church, travelling, town-leave, school outings, choir etc.


  • Black roman sandals available from Hannahs, Masterton
  • Regulation plain black polished leather lace up walking shoes of the approved type for dress uniform, summer and winter uniform

 Make Up

The following are not permitted:

  • Noticeable or heavy makeup
  • Fingernail polish or toe nail polish
  • Tattoos or other body markings


  • Hair must be tied back at the nape of the neck or above with a plain green or black hair tie if it is shoulder length or longer. Outlandish hair styles are not acceptable.
  • Hair must be the student’s natural hair colour, no dyes or colourings are permitted.

 Year 13 Uniform

Please note Dress uniform is still required.

  • Approved skirt in Fergusson tartan
  • Approved Dress uniform blouse
  • Approved black wool jersey    
  • Black leather roman sandals (summer)
  • Black leather lace up shoes of the approved type
  • Black cotton tights of approved style and make    

 Jacket (optional)

  • plain black (one colour) of approved type (which may be worn in addition to blazer in the winter terms)


  • Only Solway College badges may be worn with uniform


  • One pair of gold/silver/green studs (not sleepers) with one earring to be worn in each ear lobe only
  • A watch
  • Non-regulation jewellery worn with school uniform will be confiscated
  • No body, facial or tongue piercing is permitted

 Sports Uniform and Equipment

  • Regulation swimsuit (may be worn with the approved rash vest)
  • Solway College PE shirt
  • Solway College PE shorts
  • Sports shoes or sneakers
  • Socks appropriate to the sports chosen
  • Sport uniform appropriate to the sport chosen
  • Sports equipment appropriate to the sport chosen
  • One regulation style hat suitable for sun (Solway cap)protection during sport and PE
  • One Solway College track suit
  • One Solway College rugby jersey
  • One Solway College regulation 'hoodie' may be also worn
  • One black long-sleeved thermal of approved type may be worn under winter sports uniform