2019 Boarding and Day Girl Payments

Boarding and Day Girl attendance at Solway College is highly affordable and compares very favourably with similar schools. We are an integrated school with a commitment to maintaining affordability for our community. We offer very attractive terms which allow families to spread payments throughout the year without incurring additional charges. 

The following schedule of payments due to, or requested by Solway College, is effective from 1 January 2019 and relates to New Zealand students.

 For fees relating to international students, click here.


Proprietor Fees

Attendance Dues

Proprietor Donations*

Trustee Donations*

Term Total

Annual Total

Two Day Boarding







Three Day Boarding







Four Day Boarding







Weekly Boarding







Full Boarding







Day Girl Attendance







 Boarding fees include lunches.  Day girls pay for lunches as an extra at $412.00 per term.

*Proprietor and Trustee Donations are made up of:

Proprietor Donation  - contributes toward building and facility improvements as well as Solway College's unique Horizons programme facilitating extension in cultural / sporting and intellectual activities.

Trustee Donation - contributes towards tuition costs exceeding Ministry funding as a result of Special Character initiatives. 

2019 Other Payments

Fees and donations as listed above do not include expenses incurred specifically on behalf of students, such as uniform, stationery, lunches (day girls only),'personal' photocopying or any other consumables required during the course of the school year. Consumables charged by the school will be invoiced monthly to your account.

The Board reserves the right to charge interest on unpaid and overdue accounts. 

2019 Discounts, Bursaries and Scholarships

Additionally, you may well qualify for a reduction in the amount payable for either one or all of the following:

Introductory Discount

Available to families who introduce a new boarding student to Solway College 

Contact Solway College

Sister Discount

Available to those with more than one child boarding at Solway College

Contact Solway College

Solway Bursaries and Scholarships

Earned or awarded annually

Contact Solway College

MOE Boarding Allowance

Available to those living in remote areas

Contact Ministry of Education

Making the Most of Your Donation

A tax credit is claimable on the donation components listed in the first schedule above. It may be claimed annually by completing the necessary IR526 Tax Credit Claim Form available from IRD or via IRD's online services: Go to www.ird.govt.nz.

Last updated on Wednesday 28 November 2018

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